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Providing up to date and accurate nutrition information you can trust is what Energize is all about. As an Accredited Practising Dietitian (APD) I am passionate about providing practical solutions to creating a healthy lifestyle. Having been obese, John has a unique perspective on weight loss and the importance of creating sustainable change. He is a dynamic speaker and has developed a r

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As you get ready to start your health kick for the year, make sure you take time to read the fine print on everything you see when you’re shopping. I am constantly reminding my family, friends and clients to ensure they have a safe food environment at home if they want to successfully lose weight. One of the problems we are all faced with is “what does healthy really mean”. Reading betw

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26 Mar 2012

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When we go for a walk our body is using energy by making our muscles work. Typically over a 30 minute walk you might burn about 150 kCal. This doesn’t sound like much, in fact its about th

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