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Make Your Recipes Zing With Health...

Learning how to cook healthy is an essential ingredient in your healthy lifestyle recipe.The little things do add up and learning how to make your food with less fat and less sugar leads to a better life.

The key to improving your diet is modification, not elimination. Complete eradication of foods from your diet results in warning signals of deprivation and denial being sent to your brain. This leads to a stronger desire for the “eliminated” foods.

Remember that food is meant to be pleasurable. The French eat a number of what we would call fattening foods but as a nation they are not fat. Why? It is because they do not have large servings, so whilst these foods are better choices it is important to remember to have them in smaller serving sizes.

What can I substitute for ..........?

Product Substitute  
Bacon eye of bacon or lean ham  
Batter beaten eggwhite & coating mix OR breadcrumbs over skim yogurt  
BBQ char-grill, wrap in foil or use oil spray  
Cheese slice with potato peeler
sprinkle grated cheese over the top of a dish rather than mixing it in
use parmesan cheese for extra flavour  
Chicken Skin microwave or rinse under hot water and remove the skin.  
nuts dried fruit and nut mix
mixed with rice crackers
roasted chickpeas or dried fruit and nut mix  
pastries filo pastryfilo pastry or spring roll pastry  
pasta sauce low fat mix up brans skim and parmesan 
tomato sauces 
Chips oven-cooked potato chips or seasoned potato wedges
pita chips or pretzels, rice snacks or crackers, popcorn made with air popper, not the microwavable bags  
Chocolates use a small amount of dark chocolate, it is better for you.
low fat chocolate ice-cream
low fat chocolate drink
single serve chocolates (fun size)  
Coconut Cream evapourated skim milk with coconut essence  
Cream fruche or ricotta cheese with vanilla essence
evaporated skim milk  
Cream cakes meringues or pavlova
sponge cake  
Croissants bagelsfruit filled sweet bread
scones or crumpets with a thin scrape of jam  
Croutons oven-baked croutons  
Icing light cream cheese and icing sugar mixture or a dusting of icing sugar  
mayonnaise skim natural yoghurt
skim condensed milk mayo
low fat mayonnaise  
peeled tomatoes and herbs  
rice sauces low fat mix up brands 
tbsp peanut butter to four serves
evaporated skim milk and coconut essence  
10 Apr 2012

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